Tornado Blade


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tIs it a jig? Is it a spinnerbait? Is it a crankbait? Yes! Yes! & Yes! It is all three and more! The all new JBjigz Tornado Blade provides the profile of a swim jig, the flash of a spinnerbait, and the erratic action of a crankbait. Its blade design provides better water displacement and increased action. This Tornado  Blade can be retrieved in a number of ways from ripping to a steady retrieve and anything in between! Pair this feature with a one of a kind head design, the TLC style hook, and super quality weed guard, and you have the edge on the competition that could get you more bites!  Sixteen breathtaking, hatch matching skirt colors are guaranteed to provide an option that will work for you. Tie one on today and “Catch ‘Em With Confidence!”

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4/0, 5/0