Flippen Head Jig




WOW!  That best describes the JBJigz Flippen Head Jig!  This jig is a must have for the flipping/pitching angler. Look at what this awesome jig has to offer:

  • Super sharp VMC jig hook to ensure a solid hook up ratio
  • JBJigz precision placed weed guard for heavy cover fishing
  • Unique shaped head to enable the quietest entry into the water • Flush mount line tie for precise flips to put the bait where the fish are • 16 standard color skirt options so you can “match the hatch”
  • JBJigz “built in” jig trailer that awesomely matches skirt color
  • 3 standard size options to fit your fishing style With a JBJigz Flippen Head Jig, you can precisely target those big fish and “Catch ‘Em With Confidence!”.

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Hook Size

4/0, 5/0