Swim Head Two Pack




Jbjigz has done it again!! The newly designed Jbjigz swim head is the ultimate swim bait head on the market! It’s unique head design helps to ensure you swim bait will perform at its best, as it allows the bait to cut through water, preventing restriction on the swim bait tail. A “keeper” is molded in the head to maintain your baits position on the hook. Your soft plastic bait remains balanced and in place thanks again to the head design. It is dressed with chip resistant paint and realistic 3D eyes. Do to the hook eye ring, this swim head can be fished horizontally as a swim bait or vertically around cover. The high quality hooks make sure to insure good quality hook sets and makes sure they stay hooked to the boat. Jbjigz offers its swimheads in 5 colors and 5 sizes to match any fishing condition. Order yours today so you can “catch ‘Em with confidence!”!

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